Whats the absolute best thing for stretch marks ?

Apparently palmers coco butter or whatever doesn’t help at all and I need something that will work wonders b4 they even come in. What should I get ?

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Yup. So I'm really skinny and so when my boobs started getting a lot bigger when I was about 14, it stretched my skin and left marks. It's because I didn't have enough skin to go around and my boobs were growing faster than my skin could catch up with it. They'll fade. I'm 17 now and I only have one visible stretch mark left :)

If you want something to prevent stretchmarks, applying an oil or thick butter should do it. But getting rid of them is more difficult. The only thing that will reallllly make them fade is weight loss.

heyyyy calm down it's TOTALLY normal. happens to anyone, especially once u enter your teens. it happens because the layers of your skin are adjusting to changes in shape and size.

NOTHING to be worried/embarassed about. there isnt even any NEED to tell mum. Apply a stretch mark cream regularly and drink lots of water, itll be fine..

you're cool, be happy and enjoy being 14 :)

Stretch marks do fade over time but it takes forever so, if you want to speed up the process you need to exfoliate. I scrubbed old stretch marks on my behind with medical crystals rub twice a week and now they are hair thin and only visible really up close. Just google medical crystals rub to find it, it's a paste like mixture of cocoa, shea..butters and skin abrasive crystals.

i was about 32 weeks with my son when i got my 1st stretch mark i thought i had knocked my belly as it was a little red mark by 37 weeks i had a few more but lucky they was all under my belly button once i lost the baby weight i didn't end up getting any more with my daughter or this pregnancy but they do show up more when im pregnant x

They do say prevention is better than a cure ?
These come from weight gain or pregnancy
I used Bio Oil from the moment i became pregnant
I still had the red stretch marks but they soon faded
I still use it now to help my ageing skin
Try it plus some toning exercise,s
If your young and fit ( unlike me )
You will soon get rid of them


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